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    Simultaneous Wired and Wireless External Displays for Surface PRO-3 64-bit i7




      Good Day to All


      We just recently purchased a MS Wireless Display adaptor and plugged it in a Samsung Smart TV


      Our Boss has a Surface Pro 3 64-bit i7 with docking station that is connected to an HDMI Monitor via MDP to HDMI adaptor


      When I try to connect to the 2 external displays on 'Duplicate' project mode, the wireless display does not establish connection, I believe surface pro 3 i7 has an intel HD 5000 graphics card


      All displays would only work on 'Extend' and '2nd screen' only


      Is there a way where I can do this scenario? (Turning off the built-in display for the surface pro 3, and having the external monitors mirror each other would be the preference I am looking for)


      Thanks in advance guys, have a good one