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    When will Intel stop being slack to gamers? Can we get the promised drivers?


      Hi new poster, long time intel user.


      I decided to post as Intel products finally got me steamed. I have purchased the Bethesda game TES4:Oblivion and my chipset? now don't laugh....

      it's a Q965/Q963 Express.

      Now you read all over the net people laughing at Intel card users asking how to make this game run, some people get quite nasty about it. So I look up here on Intel and what do I find?


      Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion* is not playable

      Intel is aware of this issue. It will be fixed in a future graphics driver release.


      Now this was posted and updated in 2006, so when the **** can we expect this driver fix and release?

      Seems to be the way of intel to be sloppy with driver updates.


      Now I am wondering why this hasn't been and by the length of time will never be fixed?

      The card is quite capable of running this and many other games that Intel claims as above "IS NOT PLAYABLE"

      Thing is I have been forced to use a 3rd party application called 3D Analyze.

      With this and adjusting some ingame options I am able to run Oblivion just fine. So why have intel never fixed it? why can't they implement a similar fix into their own products? Because while this program will run the game, I have to bypass the Launcher and run the game using the oblivion.exe file, thus making loading mods and addons a pain in the *** as well as causing other issues. (another option is a .dll pack called SwiftShader 2.0 but that performs terribly but does allow launching the game from it's actual launcher)


      Surely it would be simple for a large company like intel with a large amount of resources to make a fix like this for it's customers, I mean if a small bunch of amatuers can do it, surely a computing giant can do it for their own products. While I am not sure of the specifics, it appears to just use software emulation of the Hardware TnL games like Oblivion check for.


      So come on Intel provide us with some support and some proper updated drivers, for years you say you'll release this and that and like with this example 3 years on and still nothing. What is up with that?


      Would be goodto get some answers to this, thanks.