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    Intel Edison Breakout board problems


      Hi, Guys,

      I have just received my Edison breakout board. I have got the following problems so far.

      I followed all instructions from the Intel Edison website and documents.


      1.  LED doesn't blick

      Does it work for breakout board? I have got the following feedback at the download.

      not in sync resp=0x01

      Virtual Port number and board type should be right in Arduino IDE.


      2. Wifi connection

      I configured the board to connect to Wifi successfully. It is able to connect to Google once I ping the address.

      But I cannot see it from my PC at address

      What might be the reason for that?


      3. Bluetooth paring (not in BLE mode)

      I turned on the Bluetooth of my cell. But the Edison found other Bluetooth devices instead of my cell.

      What might be the problem?


      Thank you all for your answers.