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    i7 920 & Gigabyte EX58-UD4, no sidestepping/C1E?


      I have an Intel i7 920 on my Gigabyte EX58-UD4 motherboard and i'm having the following problem; i cant seem to get my system self-overclock/underclock depending on the system needs at a given moment.

      What it does, is run at 2,8 Ghz [multiplier value = x21] (while stock speed is 2,6Ghz [multiplier value = x20]) all the time, idle or under load. It never drops below that clock speed..

      When i first got it working, i remember it used to under/overclock itself when needed. It used to go from like 1,9Ghz to 2,9Ghz when it needed to.

      I have been experimenting with BIOS settings since then and i probably messed up somewhere, so now i cant find a way to restore this feature (called sidestepping i think?). Of course, i already tried restoring BIOS settings to "Optimized Default" values, but that didnt seem to make a difference. Any ideas pleeease?