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    OpenGL support issue with Intel HD 5500 graphics card


      Dear Intel Community,


      I have to work day-by-day with a software (nuclear medicine imaging software, unfortunately not public), which uses OpenGL to visualize images. The program is starting well, however when I load the images, I cannot see them. The images are there (when I create an area where I think the subject must be, it shows statistics about the area) but they are not visible. (Concerning only to 2D images, the 3D images - called MIP rendering - working well)

      I have a Lenovo Yoga 3 1470 with Intel CORE i7 and Intel HD 5500 Graphics. I use the latest driver (however I tried previous versions as well) . It wouldn't be so surprising, because the software supports other chipsets rather then Intel. BUT: 1. My colleague has also Lenovo laptop with Intel HD 4400 Graphics, and he has no problem with image rendering. 2. Our software developers tried the software under linux (xubuntu) with my laptop, and they found no problem (unfortunately I cannot use the linux version of the software, because it's buggy).

      Do you have any advice, or  I can just wait if there will be a newer driver, which may support the feature?


      Thank you,