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    Can yocto image work with Arduino sketch?


      If I successfully compiled a linux kernel with Yocto, installed it in SD card, and boot Galileo from SD card.


      Now does it work with Arduino sketch?


      Can I simply upload a sketch and expect it to work? Or do I need to remember to add something in the recipe?


      To give more detail, I have

      IMAGE_FEATURES += "package-management dev-pkgs"
      IMAGE_INSTALL += "autoconf automake binutils binutils-symlinks cpp cpp-symlinks gcc gcc-symlinks g++ g++-symlinks gettext make libstdc++ libstdc++-dev file coreutils boost"

      in my meta-clanton-distro/recipes-core/images/image-full.bb file



      Thank you.

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          there are 2 flavors of Yocto images for Galileo available I am aware of:

          one based on uclibc (which that way is pretty close to the SPI image)

          one image based on eglibc - which is close to glibc

          Both images support running Arduino sketches via the Adrduino IDE and don't require any modifications in recipes to work (unless you dropped the parts required for Arduino).

          Moreover, if you take the eglibc based Intel(R) IoT developer kit SD card image everything in your list of packages (maybe apart from boost - which you can add from the repo i586/) should be already in the image. So you might just use that image