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    Intel SSD not detected in BIOS on Intel NUC, want to RMA




      I have Intel NUCs  D54250WYK, one of them have problem with the SSD

      It was detected at first, but after an hour it BSOD. Reboot it wasn't detected

      Later that day it can boot to Windows 8.1, not long after that freeze up and not detected again all day long

      At first I was guessing that it was overheating, so when it detected days later I changed the speed fan to 80%

      Boot to windows and monitor the temperature it was hovering around 40-42 C, after about 15 minutes frezee again and no longer detected all day long

      My last attempt was moved the SSD to different NUC, still same and NUC working so definitely not NUC problem.


      So I'm guessing now it's a faulty SSD, can I get RMA, repair or anything (I live in Indonesia)?


      For SSD information mSATA :

      SN : CVDA43510111120P






      Pardon for bad english and feel free to move this to appropriate forum

      Thank you