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    Galileo 2 - No LEDs light up on board


      I purchased a new Galileo 2 today. After getting my OS installed on SD, and everything setup, things were good.


      I wired up a shift register following a tutorial from SparkFun. Pin 4 wouldn't work. I found was on 1.02 firmware, so I updated to 1.04 (I'm using Windows for IoT which requires 1.04). All was still good. Connected up the breadboard, powered it on, and my sketch hung. I reset it and got nothing. Pulled power, plugged it back in, now I get no LEDs at all.


      I've ordered a serial cable, but I currently can't connect using Putty as I don't have the cable yet.


      Given that there are no LEDs powering on at all on the board, is it safe to say it's a hardware issue and not firmware? Or should I still pursue reflashing?