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    Why is Intel Deployment Assistant showing older versions?


      I just built a new server using an S1200V3RPL board. It has the following versions:
      BMC: 1.10.5637
      BIOS: 01.04.0002

      SDR: 1.06


      I booted the Intel Deployment Assistant CD, version 5.2 that shipped with the board. It displays the correct current versions that I have in the BIOS setup.
      I select Get System Updates, from www.intel.com (recommended), DHCP and direct connection to Internet (I'm using a wired ethernet connection).
      It then shows Update Package: 1.0 30-August 2013, and clicking Show Contents displays:
      IBMC Ver: 1.08.5091

      SDR Ver: 1.05

      BIOS Ver: 01.03.0004

      ME Ver:


      All four appear to be older versions than what I already have installed. Why is the IDA offering me these older versions? There appear to be much newer versions if I check on the web. Should I just forget about using the IDA and update manually instead?
      Any advice is appreciated, thanks.