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    How much time Intel Galileo Gen 2 Serial buffer of Serial1(/dev/ttyS0 ) port can store the data?



      I connected one XBee modem to Galileo Gen 2 Serial1 (Rx and Tx pins on the board) -->/dev/ttyS0

      This xbee modem collects data from other four XBee modems and send data to galileo through this serial port..

      So I want to know how much time Serial buffer of Serial1 port can store the data...

      because my Arduino IDE script (which is running on Galileo Gen 2) is trying to access this data

      using Serial1 port using Serial1.read()...

      This Serial1.read() can read one byte at a time..

      I am getting data from the each  modules around 22 bytes every 5 seconds...(each of 4 XBee modems send data every 5 seconds )..

      I need to access that data without losing any byte..