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    i5 4670k random bsod


      Hi everybody! I'm new: I'm writing from italy, and I have an i5 4670k.


      One year ago I made myself a new PC, equipped with the 4670k. After a couple of days I started to experience random BSOD, every 2-4 weeks. With BSOD sometimes I had also Windows Boot Problems.


      Two months ago I decided to detect the problem, that seems hard to find.. My actually specs are:


      i5 4670k

      Asus Z97 Sabertooth mark 2

      Corsair Venegance LP 16GB 1600mhz

      SSD 250 Samsung 850EVO + HDD 2TB Seagate

      Corsair CX600


      The motherboard and the HDD's are new (changed last month) but the problem is still present. I also tried to change the Ram with other ones but nothing changed... So in the equation only two item remain to be cause of the problem: power supply and CPU.


      I also have a strange problem with the Intel test for processor: the test runs without problem, but when he must read the cache L1 it freeze in that test: it not fail, but it fall in a loop, like he can't read the cache L1.


      My question is: could be the CPU broken? I tried everything, but the only items not changed are power supply and CPU...


      Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english...


      Greetings from Italy




      P.S. my BSOD are usually "IRQL Less or equal" or "cache error"

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          Hello Enrico,


          Thank you for sharing these details.

          As part of the troubleshooting steps, I would like you to try doing the following:


          1. If possible test another processor in this motherboard. This would be the easiest way to discard problems with the hardware components.
          2. Check for motherboard BIOS Updates. If there are new versions you should consider updating it.
          3. If possible try another RAM memory on this motherboard. Use 1 memory slot at the time.
          4. Run the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool. This will diagnose all internal components of the processor and will show you the status of the processor.


          Here you can download the tool:


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            Thank you kevin, I answer you step by step:


            1) I bought the CPU on Amazon, yesterday I request a warranty replacement, and tomorrow I will test the new one (always a 4670k).

            2) The motherboard it's new (after another warranty replacement: I made an exclusion process: I changed RAM, Mortherboard, HDDs and PSU) and I just updated the bios the same day that I received it. But the BSOD appears anyway, and randomly.

            3) Just did that, and I also tested each RAM under Memtest without errors.

            4) The Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool freeze reading the Cache size: it not fail, simply continuously try to read cache size. I closed the tool after 10 minutes of freezing.


            I also excluded a driver problem: I had a BSOD also during first installation of Windows...


            I'm going crazy behind this error xD





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              Thank for letting me know this information. Let me know how it goes after getting the processor replaced.


              Kevin M