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    H2216XXKR 4 node Server with S2600JF Disk Activity LED flashing Green and Status LED Amber



      We have  a 4 node Server (Chassis H2216XXKR) with 4 Compute Modules / Mainboard S2600JF. ESXi installed on the Servers. Every Server has 4 Drives (SSDs) as Raid 0. The OS (ESXi) is installed on a Satadom (innodisk).


      The Servers was running since over a year without any problem.

      Today one of the Servers lost one Datastore (SSD Disk (Intel 480) RAID 0) and was'nt accessible by the ESXi till i reboot the server.

      After the restart the Server running normaly (all Disk accessible) - except the LED on the Drive Carrier flashing unusual.

      Activity LED flashing but also the Status LED flashing amber very often. (2.5" HDD Carrier)

      Why this happens ? As described above we use RAID 0 on all Drives - so no rebuild process is ongoing.



      Additional Info: In the  BMC Server Health Event Log we have new enties:



      Any ideas ?


      Thanks in advance