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    Xeon Phi Compatibility


      Hi Guys,


      I've partially answered this question myself already and will follow up with my results.


      I've finally got my hands on a Xeon Phi 3120A but now I'm getting an error or POST regarding Unable to allocate PCI Resources. I'm now thinking I may need to rebuild this machine for compatibility. I'm building it for a university student who is blind but a maths genius.


      The ARK specs for the card do not imply any special requirements (other than 16x PCI-E) and apart from seeing only Intel mainboards or servers for compatibility I can't find a minimum requirements or HCL.

      I have found now through some digging that you need a mainboard with support for Above 4G Decoding. I wish Intel stated this on the ARK site or had a prerequisite link.


      I have tried using a 40x lane 5960X processor but same POST error occurs. I don't have a E5 V3 to try with this system. Question really is will I have to replace the mainboard to an Asus Rampage V Extreme or the Asus X99-E WS or Replace CPU with a Xeon V3 + ECC Registered?


      I have found a few forums with people asking the same questions but no answer which suits my setup.


      Current Config:

      Intel Core i7 5820K

      Intel Xeon PHI 3120A

      Gigabyte S2011-3 ATX GA-X99-GAMING-5 Motherboard

      32GB DDR4 - 2400MHz


      I'm actually about to bench test the Rampage V Extreme as I've seen in a few forums that it has the Enable above 4G decoding option in BIOS. I will post the results later.


      Thanks for your help!


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          Resolved !


          Using the Asus Rampage V Extreme and enabling "Decode Above 4G" In the BIOS from the BOOT menu has resolved this issue. The board is nearly twice the price of the original and still uses the same X99 chipset yet it does the job.


          System now completes POST and boots into windows. The Xeon Phi 3120 is detected and been successfully installed.


          Still using the:

          Intel Core i7 5820K

          Intel Xeon Phi SC3120A

          Asus ROG Rampage V Extreme (X99/2011-3)

          Quadro K2200

          32GB DDR4-2400

          Corsair RM850

          256GB Samsung 850 PRO

          HDD Storage Array

          Fractal Define R5 Case

          Corsair H80i Water Cooling Unit

          Windows 7 Pro 64Bit


          I hope this message helps others out there looking to build a Xeon Phi into something other than a Brand name Workstation or Server

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            Thank you for sharing this information.

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              Hi Glen, thanks for sharing your setup. Very helpful.


              Have you tested this setup (e.g. run any applications on the Phi) as yet? I'm looking at building a similar workstation with a Phi 5110P, and it would be great to get some confirmation that there are no problems with an i7 instead of a Xeon CPU, for example.