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    Intel HD 4600 dual monitor not work fine




      I'm having some problem, with my newly bought computer. I have dual monitor connected on previous computer based on windows 7. Now i have Windows 8.1 and also connect HDMI (LGIPS234) and VGA(Dell E177FP) monitors. There is very long POST black screen before boot. Usually as I have connected only HDMI it boots in 15seconds, after i connect VGA it boots also good, but after I fully shutdown it (restart works fine) and switcing back, it takes about 2 minutes to boot. First it's only black screen for 1 minute, then shows mobo logo and after half-minute beeps and start windows and desktop in few seconds...


      I thought it could be some bios setting, as there is for sure problem with Dell screen or VGA mobo mode...If I connect only VGA problem still here.

      Intresting notice is, if I unplug power socket and plug it back, it boots normal.


      Thanks for advice!