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    Intel graphics driver update V10.18.10.3308.02 problems


      Having issues downloading the intel graphics driver update on my i7 vivobook s400CA with intel (r) HD graphics 4000. The games i have installed on my laptop (steam and non steam) all of a sudden began to run very slowly, and i suspected that it was due to my graphics driver not being up to date, but when i tried to download the update through the Asus live update client, it claimed to download and update the graphics driver, before my screen flickered and i saw that the update failed, according to the install history in the client. I have attempted to download the update several times, and it fails in the same way every time. I have also tried to uninstall my graphics driver, to then download the latest version directly from the Asus website, but the live update client keeps saying that the same update is available, still failing when trying to install. I have tried to roll back the driver as well without any results. Currently, my driver is in version, and i would like to update the driver to version to see if that fixes the problem with my games. Any solutions?