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    Resume from sleep via keyboard not working


      Hello everyone,


      I've put together a NUC5I5RYH which is working fine except for one thing: when I put the system to sleep and then press a button on the keyboard to let it resume; the system powers on but there is no video output. When I check the windows 8.1 event logs I can see that the system even never resumed into windows so it only seems to power on into the BIOS (if it even does that).

      The weird thing is that pressing the power button makes it resume from sleep just fine.

      It's obvious this might be due to some USB or sleep related setting.


      Anyone have any pointers to what is causing this issue?

      Anyone else experiencing the same problem or is it working fine for you, please let me know as well so we can compare settings.


      Some more system specs:

      NUC5I5RYH updated to latest UEFI

      Samsung 850 EVO 250GB

      Corsair value ram 1600MHz

      Windows 8.1 64bit