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    Intel HD graphics driver causes Blue screen of death? Windows 8.1


      Hello intel friends. I recently installed intel driver that windows update gave me and its the latest driver for intel.

      When i started playing a game, it crashed and caused a blue screen of death restart loop which i cant start my laptop.


      This happened to me twice. So, is this a driver issue?


      My next question:

      My intel driver is an integrated graphics driver which prevents me from installing intels latest driver from intels website.

      So, is installing a driver from intels website instead of the integrated driver an issue? Can it cause an issue if i replace my integrated intel driver to a latest intel driver from intels website?


      Please help me guys. I dont want to do the same mistake ever again.

      Im using windows 8.1 because windows 8 offered free upgrade to win 8.1


      • By the way, im using a tablet to write this since my laptop is not fixed yet.

      Thanks guys!