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    Intel HD 4000 - No multiple displays available


      I have a Lenovo Thinkpad (Edge Series) running Windows 7. It took quite an effort to get it connected successfully to my TV via HDMI (there's a port on the TV and the computer). For quite some time, when I connected the two, both screens went black. I finally stumbled on the solution, which seemed to be dependent on turning on the TV after the connection was made. I was able to duplicate the desktop so both screens displayed.


      Following the latest Windows Updates a couple of days ago, I'm back where I started. When I connect the TV, both screens go dark. This makes it impossible to select the Duplicate option in Windows. However, I suspect the computer is connected, as the "No Signal" message on the TV disappears. It seems to me that the problem lies in my laptop screen going dark. But that's just a guess.


      The Intel HD4000 Control Panel does not offer multiple displays and never has. I have updated the Lenovo system and the BIOS. My driver for the Intel HD4000 is up to date.


      I know this has come up before in other threads. The fact that the laptop display goes black when the TV is connected makes it impossible to troubleshoot the connection (though I'm not sure what or how to troubleshoot).


      The HDMI cable worked just fine, until a couple of days ago.


      Can anyone help? It's a maddening problem.