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    intel Dual Band Wireless AC 7260  Plus Bluetooth on linux


      I have Intel wireless AC 7260 Plus bluetooth card on intel NUC. I have installed Linux mint 17.1 Rebecca. I am having connectivity issues with this card .


      1) It fails to detect my wifi network at times. It may show it up after few minutes.

      2) If it connects the connection is too slow and intermittent. It disconnects few times in a 5 mins. Some times the NetworkManager gives up and shows no connection. Very rarely the connection stays stable for 10-15 min.


      My other devices such as old netbook connects perfectly from same place to the wifi router.


      I have read various reports of this cards on Linux forums and fail to understand if this is issue has been identified and fixed.  In my case I am not even sure if this is a hardware issue or software. However there are many individuals facing this issue and no one seems to have found any solution.


      I am completely frustrated with this issue. As such this card along with  NUC has been a horrible experience.  My NUC had died earlier(dead after suspend on linux, again reported by many users). I got it replaced under warranty. The wireless card continues to bother me.