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    Moving NDN to Intel Galileo Gen2, Illegal Instruction


      Dear all, I have been trying to get NDN on to Galileo
      (I am the author of the book: https://www.gitbook.com/book/schwannden/ndn-on-galileo


      I have successfully compiled everything on to Galileo, and when I execute the program, an error (Illegal Instruction) occur.

      This error is not thrown by NDN codes, but is generated as SIGILL signal.

      Is it possible that even after I cross compiled everything from the Yocto toolchain, and used the image from the same yocto build, I still get this error?


      Is it possible for the cross compilation toolchain to generate unusable ISA by Galileo?


      All of my steps are recorded in the book. Just a quick overview of what I did:
      1. sownload boost recipe from open embedded and add it to my image

      2. compile a 3G image (which is enough for my application) with all the dev tools

      3. setup cross compilation environment by bitbake -c populate_sdk

      4. cross compile libcryptopp, ndn, nfd

      5. move everything to galileo


      Does anyone encounter the same problem before? Illegal Instruction?

      (the program just died and a message "Illegal Instruction" is its last words...)