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    NUC 5i5RHY cold boot - no video, no WOL


      I just setup a NUC 5i5RHY and I have a problem. If I power-on NUC after few hours (cold boot) I have no video ( I need to power on manual the monitor) .Restarting NUC, or boot after few minutes after a power-off works fine.


      RAM: Kingston Hyper X Impact (HX316LS9IBK2/8)

      SSD: Samsung 840 Pro (SATA), Samsung 850 EVO (M2).

      Also WOL don't work (before cold boot LEDs form LAN port are off on NUC and LED form router for NUC is also off)

      WOL works ok if I restart NUC after few minutes, but after few hours is dead no LAN power, no WOL ...

      Please tell me if I have a defective unit, to start RMA.