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    Do I need a FW update? - Intel X-25m G2


      Hello everyone!


      I recently purchased a 80GB G2 drive and was wondering do I need a FW update?

      On the packaging, it states that the pack date is Aug 10, 09. Does it come with the newest FW already?

      How do I check the FW version number in the future? (I am using a Macbook Pro)


      Thansk in advance!

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          You can download the X25-M firmware and instructions from here: http://www.intel.com/support/ssdc/index_update.htm


          If you follow Intels firmware update instructions you can verify if you have the latest firmware installed.

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            Most things shipping recently do have the latest firmware. Still possible you got one from the old batch, but you shouldn't with that pack date.


            If you use the Intel Matrix Storage Manager software, it will tell you the firmware version. The latest should report as 2CV102G9.


            You can also simply download the latest from the link already posted and try the install procedure, and it will tell you if you're current or not.


            And for what it's worth, the one out currently indicates version 1.3 and has a date of August 24. However, this simply added the "8850" portion for the "E" line. The "8820" part applies to the "M"s and hasn't changed from the initial thing they did to correct the bios password issue in 1.2.


            Despite the August 24 date, it's not more recent than what was available for the "M"s when your drive was packed.