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    Intel (R) Pro/1000 PL still exist?


      I can't find this driver anywhere. All the websites claiming to have it have broken links and then direct me to intel's website which also does not seem to have it.

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          That is a very old driver that is no longer available. You can get the latest version of the driver from Intel. Go to Drivers and software for Intel® Gigabit and PRO/1000 Network Adapters and choose your OS to get to the driver download.

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            I tried the link you posted.  The Intel Pro/1000 PL adapter is not listed as being supported.  Before I noted that, since it had been recommended by the Intel driver utility, I did download and install it based on seeing this from the Intel Driver Update Utility.


            Wired Networking

            Product DetectedIntel(R) 82573L Based Network Connection (OEM)
            Current Driver Installed9.6.31.0
            Newer Driver Available:



            However, the associated driver did not work.  I had no internet connectivitiy -- I couldn't even ping my router on the diagnostics, even though I would get a DHCP assignment.


            I eventually used the windows facility to roll back the driver, and everything began working again.


            My device manager currently shows Intel PROSet Version  but the driver is


            So does not support the ...PL or is there something else going on with my system?

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              Maybe getting the latest driver was not the best choice. Usually, the new drivers work just fine. However, you might need the drivers from the computer manufacturer for your computer. If everything is working correctly with the driver you have now, my advice is to just leave it the way it is.

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                Well, in my case the computer was assembled by myself, and the motherboard was mfg by Intel!  And it was the Intel driver update utility that recommended I update the driver on my Intel motherboard!  Oh well.  Live and learn.  Thanks for the quick response.

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                  Thanks for the feed back on the automatic updates. Which desktop board did you use to build your computer? The new drivers should have worked, although in your case the old drivers are obviously a better choice. The desktop boards always have their own set of drivers posted in Download Center. I wonder what version is posted for your desktop board.

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                    I just finished a conversation with a coworker about the problem you are having with the new driver. He thinks that there might have been a problem with the upgrade itself. His idea was to completely uninstall Intel(R) PROSet and the driver. Then reinstall everything. If you decide to try the new install, let us know what happens. I understand if you do not want to go to the trouble since your connection works after rolling the driver back.

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                      This is my board:




                      Bios:     BX97510J.86A.1487.2007.0902.1724




                      This is what was recommended (i.e. Version 14.7):

                      TitleDate VersionStatus Type

                      LAN: Intel® PRO Network Connections Driver for Intel® Desktop Boards for Windows XP*

                      Installs the LAN driver version 14.7 for Intel® Desktop Boards with the Intel® PRO Network Connections for Desktop.

                      OS: Windows XP Home Edition*, Windows XP Media Center....More Windows XP Home Edition*, Windows XP Media Center Edition*, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition*, Windows XP Professional*>





                      In other words, it was the same recommendation on the "board page" as by the Intel Driver Update Utility.

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                        This is what I just went through:


                        Remove PROset and drivers using the Add/Remove Programs wizard.

                             It seemed to successfully remove based on the absence of the software name in the Add/Remove Programs list; and also the absence of Intel(R) PRO/1000 PL Network Connection entry in the Device Manager.


                        Reinstalled by running PROXP.exe as downloaded from the Intel Web site.

                        It seemed to install with the appropriate driver listed in Device Manager, and the PROSET s/w listed in Add/Remove Programs.

                             Network connection did not work.  This was evidenced by an inability to connect to my local network, router, or internet.  When I double-clicked on the connection in the Network Connections, there would be a "0" in the Packets Received box; there were packets being sent, and the IP Address seemed appropriate.


                        I Rebooted and connection still did not work.


                        I then:





                                  Did not work


                        I then


                             Installed previous driver ( and PROSET from LAN_ALLOS_11.2_PV_TL3_132319_FULL.EXE

                             Network connection now working again.


                        Thanks for the followup.  I agree there could be a problem with the installation, but the processes I went through should have worked.



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                          I installed the updated driver and lost network connectivity as well.  I ran the ipconfig /all command and discovered that I now had a MAC address of 00-00-00-00-00-00.


                          On another computer, I was able to log into the router to obtain the original MAC address of the computer experiencing problems.  I then went into Device Manager, selected the the NIC driver, right clicked and selected Properties, clicked the Advanced tab, Locally Administered Address, input the previous MAC address (without dashes) and clicked OK.  My computer was then able to obtain an IP address from the DHCP server which restored network connectivity. 

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                            The next time I upgrade, I'll give that a try.  Thanks for the information.



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                              Yeah, I'm definitly having the same problem, but with a clean install, and I didn't back up my previous driver.  I haven't tried manually setting the MAC address, though I would prefer to find a driver that does it correctly on its own.


                              I noticed that if I search the download center for PROXP, it returns 3 labeled like

                              LAN: Intel® PRO Network Connections Driver for Intel® Desktop Boards for Windows XP*

                              and 3 like

                              Network Adapter Drivers for Windows XP* and Windows Server 2003*


                              The former labeled as version 14.8, and the later labeled as 14.8.3.  Both have the same filename, date, and size.


                              The former has a list of supported MBs including the D975XBX.  The latter has a list of supported network chipsets, NOT including the PRO/1000 PL.


                              Please post a complatible, working network driver for my desktop MB so I can get back online.  Thanks,




                              edit:  Assigning a MAC address seems to have solved the problem for now.  Thanks a ton for the idea JW.  Also, the driver package obviously is mostly functional, because it does properly identify the adapter as a PRO/1000 PL and that is how it appears in the device manager.


                              I am still a bit upset that I did not find suggestions for this or the problem reported anywhere else, and that Intel support said they provide no live technical support after the warranty period.  This was a high end board just three years ago, it seems really early to abandon support for a product, especially one used primarily by businesses and enthusiasts.  Whatever.