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    Issues with OpenCV


      I have been working on intel galileo board since some time doing some small projects.I am not able to compile opencv codes on a iot package of yocto distro on gen 2 board which I got from intel website. When i read through many discussion and searched google i got the answer as i need to either make a toolchain and other was to get open cv on board.  i havent compiled any linux distribution ever and i was not able to get bitbake on my system , hence making a tool chain is a issue as well. Suggest me someway to make opencv codes work on my board else help me built a tool chain on my ubuntu 14.10.

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          don't quite understand what you need. If you have the Intel(R) IoT devkit SD card image installed you can use the Eclipse IDE to cross compile for Galileo. You can surely also build OpenCV apps - although you might have to put the OpenCV lib and headers into Eclipse

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