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    Intel 945G Z-Buffer Sorting Randomization




      I'm using an Intel 82945G Express Graphics chipset, with the driver (15/02/2008). I'm having issues in OpenGL where z-buffer sorting is being reversed or, seemingly, randomized. This issue is essentially identical to the one discussed here.


      The issue is described best by the "resolved issue" for the Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family and others, of the reference number 2855450 (See here).


      To clarify, the way I am encountering this issue is in a game map editor called Valve Hammer Editor. It uses OpenGL for the 3D rendering view. When I attempt to select an object, the wall behind it is selected instead. If I hold the left mouse button down, it cycles through possible object selections, eventually coming to the object I wished to initially select (The one in the foreground). Thus, the object is indeed being registered in the z-buffer, but is not being selected as it is supposed to.


      This issue is making it so that I cannot continue work on any of my projects. Assistance would be appreciated.