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    Windows 8.1 (x86) Tablet w/ Atom Z3735F blank screen after wakeup




      I just treated myself with a very nice Windows tablet a couple of days ago. After doing a clean install and getting all the drivers in place, I noticed something funny: after going into sleep mode, the screen would refuse to wake up. The backlighting fires up normally, but I'm not getting any sort of output at all. Pressing the power button again (which makes it go into sleep mode again) and waking it up repeatedly results in the exact same thing.

      Now, the more interesting thing is that it only happens with the Z3700-series drivers installed. Without them, thus using some sort of "Generic" driver from Windows, the screen "dies" and actually wakes up from the sleep mode, with the exception being that the backlight is still on when it goes to sleep. After reinstalling the drivers again, the previous problem occurs. I've tried older drivers, tried changing power settings and so on. After a bit of browsing I've noticed there are quite a few with the "black screen" problem, though I'm unsure if it's any similar to this, as it only occurs after trying to wake the device up (everything but the GPU wakes up by the looks of it, I've got sound and everything.).


      Another thing to mention would be that I can't set Windows to only turn the screen off; it'll automatically change the "sleep after" -setting to the specified time as well.


      Any known workarounds for this? I'd rather not have the tablet sit on all the time, and have to power it off and on repeatedly.