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    Need help with RAID 5 Array disappearing after Bios update on Gigabyte MB w/ IASTOR s/w


      My understanding is the P55 Intel chipset controls the RAID array on a Gigabyte P55A-UD4P motherboard. My RAID 5 Array consisted of three 1.8 TB Western Digital eSATA drives. After I updated the Bios, the RAID was no longer recognized. Gigabyte has not been very helpful. What I have potentially lost is 5-7 years of very important video and image files. I have tried to find an Intel tech support phone number, fee-based or otherwise, where I can call and have some questions answered. No luck so far. On bootup. the message is Raid "Failed". The boot sequence sometimes shows all three drives and sometimes only two. I have had recurring problems with a message from the RST IASTOR software saying one of the drives may have a problem. Only after Western Digital replaced my three original drives, sis I figure out the problem was with one of the eSATA ports. I could usually rebuild and everything would return to normal. Recently the rebuild process did not fix the "problem" drive or port. Then after the Bios update...no more RAID 5. Does anyone know of an Intel Tech Support number associated with either the IASTOR or RST group or the P55 chipset group where I may find a solution ? Anybody have any experience with reverting to a previous Bios to resolve an issue created by a Bios update ?