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    8158821 Dragon Age Inquisition not running in full screen on Optimus laptops



      it is a fact that since Dragon Age Inquisition has been released in 2014, nobody with an Optimus Laptop with a mix of Intel Iris HD and Nvidia xx0m graphics card has been able to play this game in full screen.

      A lot of words have been spent against Electronic Arts and Nvidia, there a couple of official threads on this issue in their respective communities, but nor EA nor Nvidia have ever replied.


      A first suspect that the issue could reside in the Iris drivers was coming from the fact that desktop user has an option for scaling override in the Nvidia control panel, which solve the issue, while in laptop users the option is not present, because the scaling is of Intel card responsibility.


      I finally had the confirmation that the issue resides in the intel driver when I removed it from Windows and made the Intel card running with a generic Windows driver and the game was finally running full screen.


      In my case the problem appears starting from Windows 8 up to Windows 10TP 10049.

      I have an Iris 4600 HD card together with a GTX980m

      The driver is the latest:

      but the issue appears with any mix of Intel and Nvidia drivers.


      It looks like the problem is not present in Windows 7.


      Please Intel have a look into it, as it looks that scaling issues are not new in this forum and there are other cases reported.

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