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    Private bytes memory leak in Intel WDDM User Mode driver (igdvidproc32) for GMA3650


      I have a .NET test app testing our C++/CLI library that calls the Media Foundation API to play videos in a loop using the IMFSequencerSource. The library is called by a very simple .NET WPF app with a System.Windows.Forms.PictureBox within a WindowsFormHost element supplying the window handle for video rendering.


      I am profiling this little app using RedGate's Memory Profiler. My first snapshot shows igdvidproc32 using only 324KB. After 6hrs of video looping it has jumped to 57MB and after 12hrs is now 144MB.


      Other units running nVidia ION (ASUS AT5IONT-I) and Intel GMA950 (nexcom) show no such large increases in private bytes, even over longer periods like 24hrs.


      Is it possible this is a coding error on our part? How can I tell? I can provide the example app and code demonstrating the leak to Intel engineers on request and the RedGate Memory Profiler results.


      Attached are performance counters from the Intel GMA3650 unit from an earlier test: