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    Intel DP45SG - For new computer ?




      I want to buy new computer with Intel DP45SG motherboard because it`s have DDR3 and every think is ok for me, but I read a lot abaut problem with this motherboard like freezes, automaticly restarts and somethink like that. I write on this forum to be sure that my computer will be working great 24/7 without problems.


      My config will be :



      Intel DP45SG BOX

      Intel Core2 Quad Q9650 3,00 GHz BOX

      OCZ DDR3 2x 2GB 1333MHz CL6 Reaper

      GeForce with CUDA 9400 GT EVGA 1GB TV & 2xDVI (PCI-E) (DDR2)

      WD Caviar Black 500GB WD5001AALS 32MB cache SATA-II

      Pioneer DVD+/-RW DVR-217FBK

      OCZ StealthXStream 600W SLI

      Antec Gamer Three Hundred Case


      Is it ok ? Will it work stable without problems ? Is it compatible with this motherboard ? Should I buy this motherboard ?


      I must to have stable computer to hard work with any Pro aplications, so stability is very important for me.

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          Do not buy this motherboard....


          Anyways, you will find a better P45 board that this one for sure.

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            Can you tell me what is exactly wrong with this motherboard ? I dont want to overclock my computer it should just work so I dont need any asus expensive motherboard.

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              Hi seb235,


              i recently bought a Intel DP45SG with 2x2GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer CL6 DDR3 and a Intel Core2Quad Q9400 CPU.

              I also read a lot of bad things about the DP45SG but if i'm honest the board is running quite well from since the beginning.

              The stability is very good and I have no problems at all with sudden reeboots or something like that. You only have to pay attention with the Ram Timings

              because the board is a little bit fussy about the adjusted frequency and the clock settings.

              Okay you might get more value for the same price if you would buy a mainboard from Gigabyte or Asus but I have to say i'm really satisfied with my Intel one. Only sad point is that the Desktop Control Center still doesn't work under Windows 7 RC but Intel promised to fix that till the release in october.


              Until now I can fully recommend the mobo. Your configuration should work fine if you're not afraid to try several Ram settings.