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    Intel XTU X5650 Intel 5400 - Multiplier Control please?


      Hi I really like this app and apparently it'll lock in at 133 x 23.8ish for 3166Mhz per core on it's own.

      Can you allow us to at least lock the cpu down at it's peak multiplier for multi core peak power?


      I'm on X5650 x2 for 24 threads and the cores will only work at 2926Mhz and 2 core operation at between 3066Mhz and 3166Mhz.


      My thermals will allow a lot more, also dealing with non-flat chips give poor contact in the center of the cores.  Producing asymmetrical temps between all cores.  I use Fujipoly 0.5mm gap pad at 17w/m K and temps are right where they should be until a lap to both cpu's and heatsinks that is.  If the chip was as flat as and AMD chip then I could use my Graphite thermal material at 240w/m K.  Instead contact is too poor and temps are not in control.  The fujipoly holds the best until you get a flat chip as flat as a pane of glass.


      Anyway to do this?


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          This can be changed when using an unlocked processor but when using a locked processor I am afraid to say there is no possibility to change these settings.


          Kevin m

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            Did Intel ever make any xeon's in Engineering sample that had unlocked multiplier?


            As for an app that has more control than Intel's XTU app is a free app called Throttlestop and I can lock it down as high as 2995Mhz but is normally 2926Mhz so no more than x22.


            I'd like to see this locking down on all 24 threads though...


            throttlestop 4.jpg

            Throttlestop 1.jpg

            Throttlestop 2.jpg


            Throttlestop 3.jpg


            I really just want to force 24/7 the multiplier available by the processor x23.


            I get better scores when disabling C1E, and StepSpeed but it's still spending most of it's time at 2926Mhz per core.


            Would it be a bios feature?  Manual CPU Multiplier Control (of only the allowed Multipliers).


            I guess it'll be time for me to upgrade to the X5680 3.33Ghz base that's 133 x 25 and you get x2 multipliers up in turbo boost.  The multi core boost multi would be 26 and only 2 core multi is 27.


            That would mean 24/7 boost at 3458Mhz per all cores and 3591Mhz for only 2 cores.  There has been a tweak before on how to lock it in on Dell's mainly and laptops but I'm sure it should be possible here with a bios mod.


            According to Core2Quad/ Duo IDA and EIST can lock 1 core to both cores with How to Enable Intel Dynamic Acceleration (IDA) on Both Cores of a Core 2 Duo | NotebookReview

            I'm on a Dell Precision T7500 on A16 bios...


            I'd like to work on this until it is done because it doesn't seem entirely impossible.