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    i7-4790k overheating! Help!


      Hi everyone

      I'm experiencing something I think is a problem with my new i7-4790k, and I would be really grateful if you could help me out solving this!

      If you want the whole story, some time ago i decided to upgrade my pc, and I took an Asrock H97 Killer to fit the i7-4790k that I decided to buy. I also decided to change my old fan (I don't remember its name anymore, unfortunately) to start using a liquid cooling system. I'm not really good on hardware specs, so I had someone to suggest me the Cooler Master Seidon 120v, and that's what I bought.

      Happy to have this new PC, I decided to test it out by playing some games, and I immediately noticed that the cooling system started to be a bit too noisy, so I decided to download some utility (HW Monitor) to monitor my CPU temps, and I noticed they were actually very high, since they were reaching 96°C on playing games like Skyrim, Battlefield 3 or Space Engineers. I know these games are not really light, plus Space Engineers is an Alpha version that hasn't been optimized yet, but it would be really bad if I bought so many things not to be able to do what I bought them for. Later on I even noticed that the cooling system couldn't even cool down when I was browsing on the internet, and I understood that there was an actual problem.


      I started to look on forums for a solution, and I saw that lots of people had similar problems, but I still thought CPU temperature was a bit too high, and since I didn't want to put it on risk, I decided to bring my PC back to where it had been assembled to try to understand what the problem was. Yesterday I had it back, and I tested it out again, having no problems (or so, I wans't monitoring but the fan wasn't noisy) while playing Battlefield 3. I also downloaded Intel Extreme Tuning which I was told could be more accurate, and I unhappily saw that on playing Space Engineers the fan was still noisy, and temperature were still between 85°C and 92°C (a little improvement thought ), and on running a one minute stress test I saw it had always been around 99/100°C. Now, is it me being too worried for nothing or is there an actual issue? Is my cooling system too weak, or is there some other trouble?


      To summarize:

      My rig:

      • MB Asrock H97 Killer
      • Intel core i7 4790k
      • Cooler Master Seidon 120v
      • if relevant, Cabinet Cooler Master K281

      The problem:

           While gaming or doing stress tests, my CPU reaches an average of 90°C (it idles at about 38°C in a 20-25°C ambient).


      Thanks for your attention, and sorry if I did some grammar/spelling mistakes!