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    NUC 5i3 Boot on keyboard only working with some keyboards


      I tryed to get my nuc to boot on keyboard presses. At first I thought it was working using my old wireless keyboard, then I tried to use the mini keyboard I intend to use it with and it did not do anything. I have tryed all usb ports and different bios settings but with no succes. The keyboard Is working in openelec and on other systems but does not seem to be able to start the nuc.

      Is my mini keyboard just incompatible or is there a workarround? Could it be because it is a keyboard/mouse combo?


      My setup is:

      Intel NUC5I3RYH 4GB RAM booting off a 32gb USB3 stick

      It is connected to a LG TV via mini DP to HDMI (I am going to get a mini hdmi cable later today)