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    XL710 : why 4 receive packets be processed after 4 transmit packets be processed


      When i rewrite XL710 VF driver in a polling mode(single process) by porting Linux kernel 3.17.6 i40evf codes, now the VF driver can ping successfully.

      And there are problems as following:

      1. after transmit be called 4 times that process 4 transmit  packets. (solved. we have fixed it to one transmit,one tx packet processing by delete the WB_STRIDE).

      2. processing every 4 rx pakets only after every 4 tx packets processing happened. (not solved)

      i don't kown what register makes the 4 receive packets be processed together. and is it relative to hardware only?

      I look forward to reply about this issues.


      Thanks & Best regards!