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    Intel Edison Arduino Ubilinux using serial interface


      i had a read at Using Serialx on Edison

      according to that pin 0 and pin 1 are TX and RX for 5v TTL levels, they are even labeled TX and RX on the Edison Arduino.

      now i instaled python and pyserial


      import serial

      ser = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyMFD1', 19200, timeout=1)



      but i don't get anything out on the TX pin, i even connected an oscilloscope to that pin and nothing


      dmesg | grep tty

      [    0.000000] Kernel command line: root=PARTUUID=012b3303-34ac-284d-99b4-34e03a2335f4 rootfstype=ext4 console=ttyMFD2 earlyprintk=ttyMFD2,keep loglevel=4 systemd.unit=first-install.target hardware_id=00 g_multi.iSerialNumber=c64f2f348a74f7b30ad702466775a9cb g_multi.dev_addr=02:00:86:75:a9:cb

      [    0.724528] 0000:00:04.1: ttyMFD0 at MMIO 0xff010080 (irq = 28) is a hsu_bt_port_p

      [    0.725981] 0000:00:04.2: ttyMFD1 at MMIO 0xff010100 (irq = 29) is a hsu_gps_port_p

      [    0.727312] 0000:00:04.3: ttyMFD2 at MMIO 0xff010180 (irq = 54) is a hsu_debug_port_p

      [    0.734963] console [ttyMFD2] enabled

      [    2.174544] stty (91) used greatest stack depth: 6364 bytes left




      how can i send any data via the pin1 (TX) of the edison arduino ?