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    Upgrade to 7260HMW




      I've a toshiba L630 & L635 PSK04E and I want to upgrade the wireless card to a 7260HMW.


      I'm not sure if the current wireless card is combo (BCM4313), but I suspect that it isn't.


      So, my question is, will be a problem to have the current BT and the 7260HMW BT coexisting?

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          Hello LPV,


          If you plan to replace the wireless adapter in you computers, we advise you to confirm with the PC manufacturer support, vendor, or the source where you obtained your computer regarding availability and support for upgrades of the various Intel wireless adapters. They will be able to recommend an Intel wireless adapter that is fully compatible with your computer and also let you know any additional steps required to avoid conflicts with existing wireless components.


          Please keep in mind that installing or upgrading the various Intel wireless adapters by end users is not supported by Intel. Replacing an adapter associated with specific wireless software with a different type of adapter may cause your adapter to have issues connecting or give software error messages.


          In regards to your question about possible Bluetooth conflicts, we would like to add that the Bluetooth stack in Windows supports only one Bluetooth radio. Furthermore, if you manage to enable two Bluetooth devices, they may have problems accessing common resources. In such case, you would normally disable one of the Bluetooth adapters and uninstall any dedicated software, then use a single Bluetooth adapter.

          For further details, we  advise you to check about this with Toshiba support.

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            Hello Jonathan,


            Many thanks for your quick answer.


            Regarding toshiba, the european foruns are simple useless! Impossible to get any technical advice.


            Contacting techinical support is far from being easy! My laptop has 4 years and it seems to be a toshiba "alien" model, it isn't a L630 or a L635 it's a "L630 & L635" (something that I don't understand very well). In toshiba european support page my model is unknown!! Is not detected by toshiba detection tool, not known by part number...and not known by serial number!! Well, toshiba strange things.


            I suspected that two BT coexistence would not be possible without having conflicts. I'm almost sure that my BT is from toshiba, i. e., I don't have a combo wireless card but rather then a compatible BT card from Broadcom. I was wondering if Intel has a wireless AC card model without BT?


            Thank you,


              - LPV

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              Hello LPV,


              All current AC wireless adapters from Intel have Integrated Bluetooth. You can find details about each Intel® Wireless Adapter in the following page:




              We would like to remind you that the PC manufacturer is the best source regarding compatibility before a Wireless adapter upgrade. They should be able to advise about supported adapters for your PC.


              I found the following link with contact information for Toshiba Europe: