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    Galileo acts as card reader


      I have connected Galileo via 3.5mm jack port to activate IoT Analysis cloud system. After I have completed the required procedure I have plugged microUSB to Galileo and connect to PC(when jack port is active, usb to 3.5mm jack kable connected). After doing this, windows installed a driver diretly whose name CHD and after that everytime when I boot Galileo with microSD and connect to PC via usb client, file explorer opens directly and the files on SD card shows. For fixing, I pulled microSD card and reinstall firmware 1.0.4 but again when I boot the Galileo with microSD card file explorer opens. Arduino sketches works with microSD card or without but system commands(system("")) does not work with microSD card. And everytime when I use usb client to connnect PC, windows assign a new COM. Windows assign different COM port names in both which with microSD or without microSD card on Galileo. And lastly, official firmware updater of Intel does not recognize the Galileo which is booted microSD card

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          Hi teknotellal


          If you are using the IoT image you are able to see the files in the SD card on the Windows Explorer (as a removable disk) when you connect the USB client. You are also able to find these files in /media/mmcblk0p1

          How are you testing the system calls? I was able to run this sketch and checked the result in /home.

          void setup() {
            // put your setup code here, to run once:
            system("echo 1 > /home/test.txt");
          void loop() {
            // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

          In order to update the firmware of the board you need to remove the SDcard and then select the right port.




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            Yes, I have tested system function(but it works when I boot the board with microSD card includes full-linux) but it did not work. I know that I need to unplug microSD card to upgrade the firmware it is OK. and file explorer opens when Galileo is connected to PC via USB client it is also OK. Thanks for your answers. And I think that since system function does not work on ardunio ide I need to connect the board 's Linux terminal directly via 3.5mm jack and I need to set components on the board isn't it?