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    Stupid question - how do I install JRE on Ubuntu 14.04 for iot Eclipse


      The instructions say very clearly download 64 bit JRE and install it. No details are given. The instructions do say to be sure and use the 64 bit even if the computer is 32 bit.  My machine is 32 bit Ubuntu 14.04.  Oracle says to install it extract the files to the directory where you want the files to be.  I picked a jre sub directory in my home directory.  Then I downloaded the ioth Intel Eclipse and put that in my home directory.  When I run Eclipse, it complains that there is no Java.


      I tried many things, set the java directory in my path, made sure it was in my path with echo $PATH and everything else I could find to the point I re installed Ubuntu to be sure I had a clean base to start from.  Then I meticulously followed the instructions as indicated above and it doesn't work so now this stupid question post. I say stupid question as I am sure the answer is something simple, probably one of the 14 different solutions I have found online.  Or maybe the 15th as the other 14 didn't work.  Or maybe not.  Maybe it is like the post I found that says you can't install Eclipse on Ubuntu 14.


      I would really like someone who knows how to do this on Ubuntu 14 and JRE to answer my stupid question and I apologize in advance for asking such a basic question.  I don't want to start trying random things and end up with having to reinstall Linux again.


      The frustrating thing is that I installed Eclipse on a Ubuntu machine before and it worked fine.  But that was a 64 bit processor and an older Ubuntu (10.04 probably) but as it spontaneously became unbootable I am not going down that road again. Besides, I am not sure what I did differently.