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    Which driver to install??[plz help]


      I have a pc with:

      Intel Core i3 4150 at 3.50 GHz(Intel hd 4400 graphics buit in around 2GB)

      4GB RAM

      Asus H81M-E Motherboard

      500GB HDD


      I've told before that my motherboard vendor is Asus My Graphics driver is quite old and I'm confused whether I'll update my driver or not. Asus provided me a very old driver for intel hd 4400.(I searched even today on their site, but there's no update). But intel is releasing new drivers very frequently. I updated the driver from intel's site and found that all applications show my graphics memory 1GB(half of my exact memory) ! but I've 2GB .. But when I install Asus's driver(provided by Asus of Intel hd 4400) it shows exact memory.. But they don't update their driver.. Then what'll I do?? Will I stay with the old drivers??I know old graphics drivers may create severe problems with new games or apps. Please suggest me what'll I do.. Thanks in advance. (Dxdiag information is in attachment)