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    Need help replacing my existing motherboard


      I had the below configuration in my assembled desktop:


      Processor: 2.8 Ghz Intel Core I5-2300 (socket LGA-1155), 2nd generation.

      Motherboard: Intel DH67BL, Micro ATX Form Factor, Intel H67 Chipset, LGA 1155 socket type, 2nd generation.

      RAM: 2 * 2GB DDR3 RAM

      HDD: 500GB Seagate SATA

      Graphics Card: PCI EXP 1GB ATI Radeon XFX H5670



      Few days back, my PC was not starting when the power button was pressed. I had my CPU analyzed and they mentioned that the power supply section and the intel chipset of my motherboard is faulty. For that they suggested me to change the motherboard and processor as 2nd generation motherboard is out of the market.


      My processor is working fine and I don't want to replace it as it is very costly. Can someone suggest any other motherboard of recent generations that would be compatible with the above configuration.