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    need help with dz68bc processor


      Hi People, I'm new here and could use some help.

      I Just built a box using the dz68bc board, running win 7 home premium 64b retail,  and I've updated the bios to version 0042, the aa number is g30742-401. With a 2nd gen core I3 installed everything works as it should, when I install a 3rd gen core I5 (3570 sr0t7) the system just reboots and reboots and reboots, I can't even get into the bios. And I'm getting the same thing on 2 identical boards. Am I missing something, Intel says the chip is compatible but I can't get it to work.




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          Hello jmf1964,


          Even though we opened compatibility between 6 series boards and 3rd generation processors, we have identified some issues with this board.

          Here you can check more information about the upgrade process on 6 series boards:



          Kevin M

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            Thank you, but I've already seen this, the flow chart says the aa number has to be aag30742-403 or higher, my board is -401, BUT the interactive wizard says my board should be compatible. was there a misprint somewhere or do I just have a defective processor? my bios ver is 0042 and the ME firmware ver is 8.xxxxx .



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              I'm assuming you still have the 2nd Gen Core i3, try install it and see if the system boots then if it does roll back to BIOS 0035 through recovery mode if all goes well and it still posts replace the Core i3 with the 3rd Gen Core i5-3570 if it manages to boot with it run recovery again with the BIOS 0035 and the i5-3570 doing that will force the Intel ME to version 8xxxx, then if all goes well update the BIOS gradually to BIOS 0042 with your i5-3570 installed.

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                Thanks, Yes the i3 is currently in the box and it works without issue, the Intel ME version is already at 8xxxx. I will try your suggestion and post back the results. I'm going to install all the latest drivers from Intels' website first.





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                  Thank you Stephen that worked.

                  As it was writing the steps on the screen the last line said added processor support . This was not present in the 0042 update.

                  When I flash back to 0042 should I do all the ones in between first or go right to 0042?

                  Thanks again

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                    Its good that it worked, what you need to do is update gradually to 0042 meaning (from 0035 go to 0036, 0037, 0039 then finally 0042) but i would suggest you stick to BIOS 0039 coz the 0042 behaves erratic while using 3rd gen CPU that's what i found out while running tests on the DZ68BC and 3rd Gen CPU when i had them.


                    But considering your board is a revision 401 it might be stable even with the BIOS 0042 and 3rdgen CPU. The tests that i did back then were on board version 402 and 403 outcome was as i mentioned. There is a revision 401 of the board at the office with an i7-2600K and it did not have stability issues i haven't gotten around to test a 3rd gen CPU on it.

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                      Quick update,

                      I installed all the different bios revisions starting with 0037. 0037 seemed a little unstable as the computer rebooted several times before windows loaded, I then  flashed to 0039 and it booted without issue and loaded windows ok, I then flashed to 0042, the computer would not boot. It would get as far as the intel splash screen and restart again, couldn't even get into the bios.

                      I went back to 0039, will leave it like that for a while and see what happens.


                      My other computer is running the identical board with a 2nd gen core i7 and bios 0042 and works without issue.


                      Thanks again

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                        It seems the outcome of the DZ68BC any board version 401, 402 & 403 all have issues with 3rd Gen CPUs due to the BIOS not being programmed correctly by Intel. Just as you have reported the BIOS 0042 works OK with the board but only with 2nd Gen CPUs, those were the exact findings i got too.


                        So just stick to 0039 while running 3rd Gen CPUs, the 0042 is mandatory for people that have GPUs with UEFI GOP BIOS other wise the board locks-up on splash screen.


                        Maybe Intel will one day resolve issues with this DZ68BC Board BIOS, it was a great board up to BIOS 0028 that was the last truly stable BIOS for this board.

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                          I give up !


                          got home tonight and turned on the computer and got an error message that the memory size had decreased. Windows did start but my wireless mouse and keyboard were erratic.

                          I put the i3 back in and ordered a dz77 board, will swap that in when I get it.

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                            Installed the dz77ka-70x. Board wouldn't boot with my video card installed. I had to run it off the on board video until I could do a bios update (0066). I found the visual bios to be somewhat confusing, It took me a little while to figure it all out, not sure I like it, but there is an option for classic view.

                            After updating bios I installed a Gigabyte Geforce GTX 750 video card and everything works