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    Possible to have WiFi AP + Station simultaneously ?


      Hi all,


      I installed the iw package from Index of /edison/repo/core2-32 and this let me look at the Edison's Wi-Fi card's capabilities.  It looked like it could do AP + Station simultaneously (based on the "valid combinations" from the "iw list" output) - great stuff !


      But it didn't work for me; I was able to create a 2nd managed Wi-Fi device (say wlan1) and I was able to start hostapd but it never actually beaconed the SSID.


      Then I noticed that if I just started hostapd on wlan0 it also never transmitted the SSID.  But I knew that the Edison could become an AP so I checked what was happening there and it seems that the magic ingredient is a switch on the bcm4334x kernel module:  It looks like to be an AP you add "op_mode=2" with the modprobe (e.g. modprobe bcm4334x op_mode=2) and you leave out the op_mode switch when you want to be an STA (I found this in /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/hostapd.service).


      So the big question for me is:  Is it actually ever possible to have a station (managed) along with a VAP (another managed virtual interface with hostapd using it) ????


      This is easy with an ath9k compatible Wi-Fi card but I'm not sure if the Intel Wi-Fi card/drivers support this?  If not is it possible with the Intel driver I wonder is it possible to get non-Intel drivers that do support this (e.g. b43) ?


      Thanks for any info on this - I haven't seen much on this subject on the net so far....



      Derek (in Ireland!)