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    how can i get Mplayer to play audio Out of UART ?


      as the title says


      i want the output of mplayer to be at the UART interface as i connected a BLE to UART2 using wires (as RX of edison to TX of BLE and TX of edison to RX of BLE) and this BLE is connected through bluetooth to a bluetooth headset (A2DP) headset


      i am using Intel Ediosn with the latest yocto image with the mini breakout Board, HM-10 module and a LG headset with A2DP

      is this even possible and if yes how can i achieve this and i don't want to use the build in Bluetooth in the Intel Edison

      and also if there is anther way to add an external Bluetooth module to Edison and make Edison stream Audio through this external module please tell me it


      Any  Help  will be appreciated