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      I built my pc 6 weeks ago, it worked well for 4 weeks.Then while playing a game it crashed giving my the clock watchdog error first and then the whea uncorrectable error. I have tried for the last 2 weeks to fix these error with no luck. I tried to use the Intel Tuning software but it shuts down and says that the clock watchdodg driver has reset. The problem with this is that I only have windows and the tuning software installed. I checked the  error message with blue screen viewer and it says that a core timed out and that there is thermal issue. While just in my bios the core temp 100F. I think there is something seriously wrong with the processor. I can turn the computer on but if I try to do anything like install updates the computer crashes. I have tried the Windows forums since it gives a windows error. Any help that anyone can give would be appreciated.


      My computer specs:

      I7 4790K

      Asus Maximus Hero VII

      240 gb Kingston HyperX SSD ( which I have to RMA) It freezes and won't let me install anything on it.

      3TB Western Digital HDD

      16 gb Corsair Vengeance Pro Ram

      EVGA GTX 980

      EVGA G2 1000 watt PSU