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    Buffer overrun detected! when starting Call of Duty (1.0)


      Hello Intel,


      I have an Intel i5 3210M CPU with an Intel HD 4000 graphics core. Since driver version (published ~May 2014) the game crashes shortly after starting CoDSP.exe (Singel Player) or CoDMP.exe (Multiplayer). So the game tries to start up and immediately crashes (black screen, Windows error sound, "hidden" error message):


      "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

      Program: .......(path)\Call of Duty\CoDSP.exe


      A buffer overrun has been detected which has corrupted the program's internal state. The program cannot safely continue execution and must now be terminated."



      Google told me that I'm not the only one with the same problem:


      Call of Duty 1 Buffer Overrun Detected - Steam Users' Forums

      Re: Latest version of intel iris pro drivers causes buffer overrun with Call of Duty 1?

      Buffer Overrun Error :: Call of Duty General Discussions

      Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library: Buffer Overrun - Microsoft Community


      AMD & Nvidia had also this issue some time ago but they fixed it obviously in their drivers (e.g. Nvidia in v195.39, see changelog).


      I tested a lot things which might help you to solve this problem:


      1) All drivers since (inclusiv) cause this issue (also the latest ! )

      2) With driver version (and older) the game works flawlessly and therefore doesn't crash.

      ---> There must have been a change between these two version which causes  these crashes since this point in time.

      3) There is a workaround for the problematic driver versions (see SteamCommunity): copying and changing the name of one of the two "game-lauchers" (CoDSP.exe/CoDMP.exe) into "mohaa.exe" solves the problem when a problematic driver version ( and above) is installed!!! This is quite crazy. Mohaa should stand for the computer game "Medal of Honor: Allied Assault". However when using a random name like abc.exe the game crashes again while starting...

      ---> It looks like renaming the .exe's to mohaa.exe forces the driver to use an internal driver profile (created by Intel for MoHAA), which is obviously also compatible with Call of Duty (1). Therefore this workaround makes it possible to use the latest Intel graphics driver(s) with Call of Duty 1. I know, this sounds quite crazy...but it is like that ;-)


      Can you please  have a look at this driver issue and change it in the next release? It looks like resolving this issue shouldn't be that complicated for Intel engineers.



      PS: I use Windows 7 x64 Professional and the retail version of CoD1 without Steam... but Steam users are probably also bothered (see my links above).


      Thank you very much!



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