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    D34010WYKH no display after BIOS Update


      Hi all, last resort here..


      Until about a week ago, I was quite happily running an Ubuntu HTPC on my NUC. Only very occasional glitches with the original BIOS version that it shipped with. I then decided to reinstall the HTPC with Fedora, and all was going well except for two things - the 'OK' button on my harmony remote didn't seem to interact with the NUC (most probably a software issue), and very occasionally, the NUC would get stuck permanently 'off' with seemingly no way to turn it back on, other than yanking the CMOS battery out to reset it.


      This happened last night, and I took the chance to update what I hoped would be a simple BIOS update, seeing as there had been multiple versions release since the one I was running. In the hope that it would sort out one, if not both of the issues I was seeing, I updated to the latest BIOS.


      How wrong I was. I'm not left with a NUC that will not output anything to the display over either the HDMI port or mini-Displayport. It powers up and will quite happily sit there powered on with the fan going, but I have no way of knowing if it's actually doing anything, as I just can't get it to output anything to my display. I can't even try to roll back the BIOS or anything else, because I have absolutely no way to interact with the device without a display working.


      Has anyone come across this issue before? I've always held off updating the BIOS due to the various horror stories about buggy NUC BIOS releases. How I wish I had just stuck to that plan and 'dealt' with having to dig out the CMOS battery on occasion.


      Frustrated and hoping that it's not 'bricked' completely