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    D54250WYK no intel splash screen boots straight to OS



      16 gigs of ram

      msata ssd evo 840 500 gb

      HDMI cable

      Tested on 2 diferent HDMI screens

      Samsung SyncMaster SA350

      and an asus one (dunno which one is)

      Bios version 0035 (if i'm not mistaken)

      AntergOS( a arch linux distro/installer)


      Here is what happens.

      I turn on the NUC screen shows absolutly no image press f2 f10 nothing.

      If I wait the regular time it tooks to boot it boots into the system (however it doesn't show the bootloader and it's installed in legacy mode).


      I reseated the jumpers to 2-3 and it still showed a black screen and whenever I press f2 or f10 the screen remains black until i power it off or reboot it.

      So since it still shows no image when I boot it up and press f2 or f10 and stays there i'm assuming it's something wrong with the bios this has kept on happening in the last 3-10 boots after installing antergOS however this might not be totally related since I also removed the ssd/rams and placed back only one ram and it kept on doing it.



      So after searching around high and low and with no results I'd like some feedback on this.

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