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    faulty i7-5820k


      Hi I just made a new rig using X99 board and i7-5820K last december.


      After just only about 3-months of usage, suddenly I can't boot to bios anymore after a reboot.

      Troubleshooting was made (disassembling the pc parts one by one), and found out the fault was on the processor itself.

      Looks like the processor is not dead since the mobo doesn't throw up processor_not_detected error q-code and when I plugged the proc on the mobo (and different X99 mobo), it only cause endless booting cycle w/o able to get into the bios,


      No overclocking was done, I left the bios on default/auto setting.

      I've replaced my rig using i7-5830K now and its working normally.


      Now I got an unused processor which I can't return since its past 30-day return policy, and they told me to try ask directly on intel site.


      So the question is whether the i7-5820K is still covered by the 'Limited 3-year Warranty' as written on the box. If so, how can get a replacement/refund for this?

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          I have kind of the same problem as you but only thing is mines is a i5 4690k. I wonder if intel as any way to help us on this problem.

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            All Intel® processors have 3 years warranty from the moment of purchase. We need to troubleshoot the processor if necessary replace the processor.

            Here is the contact information:



            Kevin m

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              I have the same problem.  My build recently crashed.  5820k as well.  Thought it was my power supply, then ram, then motherboard.  Gigabyte tested my motherboard and they say it's good.  CPU is the only thing left.  Computer resets after 5 seconds or so, then turns it's self off, then auto-reboots, and repeats.  Can't enter BIOS.  Doesn't recognize my hard drive.  Trying to get a replacement CPU from Intel.  (using Corsair H100i water cooler, CPU never even got luke warm.)  Hope this helps others with the same problem.

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                Hi JRNC,


                Did you test your system with minimum configuration? I mean using motherboard, processor, 1 memory stick of DDR4 1333/1600/2133MHz at 1.25V and 1 dedicated graphics card.


                Mike C

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                  Yes, I did numerous tests.

                  At first I thought it was my power supply, tried my spare 700 watt psu and no change.

                  I bought another 1000 watt psu and no change.

                  Then I got new ram, no change. Read my motherboard manual and tried different configurations with the ram.

                  I have 2 GTX 980's and tried them out in another system, with my SSD hard drive, they work just fine. ( I'm using them right now in this spare build)

                  then I sent the motherboard to Gigabyte because I thought it had to be that, and they did a lot of tests and said it was working just fine.

                  the only thing left is the CPU

                  I looked at the Intel Forums and noticed this thread with the same symptoms (and CPU 5820K) as I was having and it also turned out to be the CPU


                  James C

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                    Hi JRNC,


                    If you tested the processor with minimum configuration and already replaced the motherboard; the next step will be replacing the processor.


                    Get in touch with our Contact Support team and request it.


                    Mike C

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                      My 5820k did the exact same thing last day.
                      To confirm my friend got a shop so we tried my cpu in a setup he was building for a customer. And yes my 5820k is death.

                      Replaced it and everything works again now. I NEVER in my entire life seen a death intel CPU.

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                        Add me to the club, random 5820k death after a reboot motherboard will not POST. Really crazy thing here...

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                          Intel tested all the processors before launches them to the market. I suggest you review processor specs and which memories (speed and voltage) are compatible.


                          Intel® Core™ i7-5820K Processor (15M Cache, up to 3.60 GHz)



                          Mike C