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    NUC board eDP connector type


      I'd like to connect a NUC5i5MYBE/NUC5i3MYBE board to an lcd eDP panel. The product spec (http://downloadmirror.intel.com/24566/eng/NUC5i5MYBE_TechProdSpec02.pdf) says the connector type is "JAE FI- X30SSLA-HF two-lane, 1x30 eDP connector".


      I've found this cable: http://www.microsatacables.com/edp-flat-panel-display-cable-300mm

      It is the only cable I've founded but it is for the DE3815TYBE board. The spec for that board doesn't mention the connector type.


      You can also see Intel's list of NUC cables: http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-034599.htm

      As you can see the only EDP flat panel display cable they list is indeed for DE3815TYBE, linking to the microsatacables page I linked above.


      I'm wondering can I also use this cable for a NUC5i5MYBE or NUC5i3MYBE board? Or in other words (I think this is the only thing that matters) does the DE3815TYBE also use a JAE FI- X30SSLA-HF two-lane, 1x30 eDP connector?


      Lastly, when I buy the lcd screen will it be enough to purchase any 30-pin 2 lane edp lcd? Or do I have to find a more specific subset of them for this cable?