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    Fixing a bricked Galileo Gen2




      I have been trying to fix my Galileo Gen2.


      Since I have a Dediprog SF-100, I chose to make a .bin file to re-program the board.


      I used the Flash-missingPDAT.bin on the download page and modified the sample-platform-data.ini to generate Flash+PlatformData.bin.


      The board is bootable now and I can SSH into the SD image but I can't access the GPIOs as before.


      I tried Blink example on Arduino IDE.


      Uploading the sketch works fine but the LED does not blink.


      Also, I tried using the LCD device from Grove Starter Plus kit and it doesn't work either.


      In the sample-platform-data.ini file, I picked CrossHill as the BSP manual suggests.


      I would really appreciate any help!


      Thank you,